Envy Beauty offers premium lipgloss and incredible lip liners. Our glosses are formulated to be light weight and long lasting. It is our goal to make our customers feel comfortable while still looking sexy. Most importantly, we want our customers to feel confident.

Gloss has the power to make your lips look big and luscious. However, finding the right gloss for you can be a huge challenge. Thats why we created very universal, and flattering glosses. Shop now and find your perfect match!

Envy Beauty is committed to providing you with the best quality products to keep you shining all day and night. Thats why all glosses are vegan & cruelty free and infused with Shea Butter and our liners are long lasting yet nourishing. Ideal for a buttery application.


Wear with confidence,

xoxo, Abi


My lipgloss is poppin. The formula is light and feels good. I will definitely order again. 

Envy babe

So many glosses are so sticky and these are not at all. They feel moisturizing and Im obsessed. 

Envy babe

The shade "Call Me" resemble high end brands like Dior and Fenty beauty. 

Envy babe

Feels like vaseline, but looks just as good as other sticky high schine glosses. I love the formula. 

Envy babe

I have been using the same lip liner for years and after trying Envy's shade "muse" I will never go back.

Envy babe

I love the formula on all of the glosses I bought! By far the best lipgloss i have used in a long time.

Envy Babe

The lip liner “Muse” glides on like butter. It is very pigmented but not drying at all. I use it as lipstick. Love it!

Envy babe


Your Lip Gloss Plug

Your Lipgloss Plug